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Last Update: January 11, 2022

If you are the Power of Attorney for Care or for Finance for a resident at the Manor, and you wish to receive all updates by email, simply send an email to

NEW: Visiting Hours and Swabbing Hours (Effective January 11, 2022)

See attached memo for details (English only).

Enhanced measures effective immediately following announcement from MOH (Effective December 15, 2021)

See attached memo for details (English only).

Mandatory Negative COVID-19 test required before every visit (Effective December 13, 2021)

See attached memo for details.

Visiting Policy Update (Effective December 6, 2021)

Please see the attached memo regarding an update to our Visiting Policy for the holiday season.

Mandatory Vaccination Program (Updated November 4, 2021)

Please see the attached memo regarding the effects of the Mandatory Vaccination Program at the North Centennial Manor.

Proof of Vaccination for Residents (Updated September 22, 2021)

Residents who need their proof of vaccination will be required to access it online on Ontario COVID-19 vaccination service (


In order to do so, the resident’s health card information is required. Here are the steps to obtain the resident’s health card information from the Manor:

(IMPORTANT: Please be aware that emails requests will only be answered on business days, and may take 24-48 hours.)


  • If you are a Power of Attorney for Care visiting the Manor, we will provide you with a paper copy of the health card upon request during business hours.


  • If you are a Power of Attorney for Care and would like the health card information emailed to you, please request the health card information by email to the Manor at using this form:


  1. After receiving the health card numbers, you may visit the Ontario Covid site, Ontario COVID-19 vaccination service ( and request the vaccine receipts.

  2. After receiving the vaccine receipts, you may forward them to other members of your family that may be wishing to take the resident into establishments that require proof of vaccination.


IMPORTANT: Please be aware that emails requests will only be answered on business days, and may take 24-48 hours.



More lightening of restrictions (Effective July 16, 2021)


Fully immunized now means no more COVID testing! (Effective July 16, 2021)


Changes are coming July 7! (UPDATED July 2 - Effective July 7 2021)

Changes effective July 7 2021

Visitor Policy and Procedures effective July 7

Resident Absences effective July 1

NEW Form to designate Essential Caregivers July 7*

*Note that if there are no changes to the current Essential Caregiver, a new form is not required

Visitors and their Immunization Status (Effective June 9 2021)

Information about visitors' immunization status (bilingual)

Visitor Guidelines (UPDATED June 1 2021)

Visitor Guidelines - Revised on May 31 2021

COVID-19 Panbio Rapid Test Plan Essential Caregivers (EC) (UPDATED February 19 2021)

New plan for testing Essential Caregivers (EC) (bilingual)

Vaccination (UPDATED January 11 2021)

Letter from Director of Care

Vaccine Screening & Consent Form

Vaccine Info Sheet

Vaccine Overview

What you need to know about COVID immunization

Visitors & Essential Caregiver (UPDATED DECEMBER 22):

UPDATE Dec 22 2020 NEW

UPDATE Dec 3 2020

Policy & Procedures

Form​ (printable format)

Form (fillable format)

As per the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, effective November 30, 2020, all caregivers, all support workers and any general visitors must provide proof that they have received a negative COVID-19 test result, and verbally attest to not subsequently having tested positive (unless requiring immediate access in an emergency situation or a palliative situation). For full details please visit the Ministry’s website.
















Resident Absences (UPDATED OCTOBER 19):

Update: Effective October 19, all non-medical resident absences from the Manor (short stay and temporary leave) must be requested in writing using the form below at least 3 business days before the outing, and must be approved by the Manor. Full details can be found in the directives linked below.

Directives for Absences as of October 19

Form to be completed for non-medical absences as of October 19 (printable format)

Form to be completed for non-medical absences as of October 19 (fillable format)

Package Drop-Off Policy (as of May 1):

Package Drop-off (bilingual)

To obtain COVID-19 testing In Kapuskasing area: 

*A  current (within 2 weeks) negative COVID-19 test is required to be granted entry to our Home

*Call 705-367-4613 to make an appointment

*The testing clinic is currently open on Thursday for asymptomatic patients (Tuesday and Friday are reserved for symptomatic patients)

*It takes several days to obtain your results

*If you plan on recurring visits, ensure that you get tested every two weeks

Other Important Resources:

How to Wash Your Hands

How to Self-Monitor

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care COVID-19 Page

Public Health Ontario COVID-19 Page

Public Health Ontario's COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Fundamentals Training

Porcupine Health Unit COVID-19 Page
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